David Beckham’s Royal Wedding hairstyle has already proven popular, with clients already asking us to help recreate the look. And of course, we aren’t surprised. David Beckham has been an absolute trend setter with his hair and fashion for years, and as the son of a hairdresser, it makes total sense that he’d be willing to experiment with his hair so much. And of course, the wedding itself was one of the biggest moments of the year – with millions tuning in around the world to see the guests arrive before the big ceremony – so it was the perfect time to show off and make sure he was looking his best.

How to get David Beckham’s Royal Wedding Hairstyle

When you ask your barber for David Beckham’s Royal Wedding hairstyle, they’ll first need to check to see if you have the right hair type – if not, or your hair is incredibly curly, you may struggle to achieve the look.

Jay Burns, expert barber at Pall Mall Barbers Bishopsgate, tells us how the barber achieved David Beckham’s Royal Wedding hairstyle: “For Beckham’s wedding haircut, the barber has taken the back and sides roughly down to a 2 guard and fully tapered out the neck line. His side burns have been blended into facial hair as well. The top of the hair has been cropped, following the profile of the head, with plenty of texture added. You should ask your barber for around a number 6 grade on top, done with scissors not clippers.”

How to style David Beckham’s Royal Wedding Hairstyle

And to style it? “The best way to style this haircut the same way as Beckham did on the big day, is to use the Pall Mall Barbers Sea Salt Spray dried in with a hairdryer, and a small amount of our Matte Pliable Clay for some hold that still has movement, creating a softer finish. The Pliable Clay should be applied from the root of hair to the tip, to lift and show off the texture that’s been cut into the hair.”

David Beckham opted for a short, rugged looking stubble for the big day – so ask your barber to take your beard down to a grade 1 if you want to achieve a similar look. Be sure to moisturise the beard area especially, as it can become dry. Use either our Beard Oil or Post-Shave Balm and pay special attention to working it into the beard so as to replenish the skin underneath.

Since finishing playing football professionally a few years back, Beckham’s career now is to be a man who is (in the immortal words of Zoolander) really, really, ridiculously good looking, which he continues to excel at. According to GQ, David Beckham stepped out in Dior Homme by Kim Jones, and looked as dapper as one man can be. And somehow, we aren’t jealous at all.


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