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Charlotte Buttrick Great Lengths Hair Extension Review

My Great Lengths Hair Extensions – BEFORE AND AFTER

Say hello to my new long, luscious locks, thanks to the lovely team at Great Lengths and the talented hair extension stylist, Kirsty, from House of Finesse in Altrincham. Below from left to right you can see my hair before the application process, afterwards and then when my hair was styled with some curling tongs. I can honestly say that I am OVER THE MOON with the result. In today’s post I have covered my experience from my initial consultation to after the extensions were fitted, plus a few additional Q&A’s for any of you who may be interested in having human hair extensions fitted with keratin bonds…

Charlotte Buttrick Bronde Haircare routine - tips for salon worthy hair

Great Lengths Hair Extensions Q&A What hair extensions did you get?

I had 18 inch 100% natural human hair extensions by Great Lengths fitted. They were applied with individual Keratin bonds. You can find out more about the fitting process here.

Where did you get your hair extensions fitted?

I had my hair extensions fitted at House of Finesse in Altrincham by one of their talented hair extension specialists, Kirsty. We hit it off from the outset, she was friendly, welcoming, chatty and made the lengthy process fly by. All the staff in the salon were amazing and the salon owner, Caroline, came around with a glass of prosseco, which was a lovely added touch.

What happened at your Initial hair extension consultation?

My hair was assessed to see whether or not it was in good enough condition and strong enough for hair extensions to be applied, which application method would be best and the weight/length my hair would be able to hold. In this consultation we also did a colour match to find the two best blondes to blend in with my hair – view their shade guide here – I am so impressed with the colour match. Care and attention was truly shown as we tested numerous blonde combinations in the salon to see which would work best.

How long did application take?

The application process took around 5 hours for all of the 120-150 odd bonds to be added to my hair. However, Kirsty made me feel so at ease and we had such a nice conversation that it didn’t feel like I had been in the salon for that long; minus my numb bum. So make sure to take some magazines and snacks to keep you occupied.

How much do Great Lengths Hair Extensions Cost?

The cost of hair extensions will depend on your application method, the amount of hair used etc. These are quoted on a per person basis at your free initial consultation. To enquire you can find your nearest salon here.

How long do Great Length hair extensions last?

Great lengths full bonded extensions can last up to five months if maintained properly. GL Tapes however only last for around 6-8 weeks but can be re-applied, whereas bonded hair extensions cannot.

Are they hard to maintain?

Of course having hair extensions involves more maintenance than looking after your own hair does. I am still getting used to the styling times and trying new looks with my new long locks. To keep your hair extensions in good condition, wash them at least once a week, try not to style them with too high of a heat setting. Make sure to brush your extensions a few times daily using a Great Lengths brush to prevent any knotting and run your fingers through the bonds every now and then to prevent tangling.

Great Lengths offer a number of products and aftercare packages that will keep your hair extensions looking their best for as long as possible. So I would recommend using they special shampoo, conditioner, Anti-Tap water and other products. Find more out about them here.


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