Palmiero Design is situated at the Viale dell’Industria 1 in Valenza. A nice building on a very anonymous and uninspired looking road. In fact, should one ever choose to visit Valenza, it’s hard to imagine that this is the home of such beautiful jewelry houses!

When I lived there myself, the people of Valenza, where at the time around 1100 jewelry companies more or less, were situated, were -in my eyes- always complaining.


Embracing Flowers- rings with diamonds, sapphires and a ruby in 18kt white gold Valenza, the jewelry industry

They never lacked insight though, they all told me the same; ”ahhh i Valenzani si lamentano sempre!” (the people from Valenza always complain)

The retailers complained that the people from Valenza (in a pre-e-commerce era) always went shopping in other towns. The jewelry retailers complained about the decline of visitors for jewelry, whilst somewhere a decision was made to sell mainly gold produced in Vicenza and Arezzo, for very low prices, instead of focussing on the uniqueness of production in their own hometown.

People complained about clients not paying in time, stones that weren’t satisfying, new designs that did not please them and so on and so forth.

Palmiero Penne Occhiali Jewelry

Pen in black diamonds and sapphires on 18kt white gold pen and a pen in white diamonds on ebony wood and 18kt white gold. Pen in white diamonds on 18kt rose gold. Pen and glasses in white, black and colored diamonds, sapphires on 18kt white gold pen inspired by Kandinsky

Fertile ground for jaw-dropping jewelry creations

But at the time I also noticed how down to earth the jewelry business can be. Valenza creates stunning glamorous pieces of jewelry. But the town is anything but glamorous.

Although I often think that Valenza could have created such an impact for itself by working on creating a town worth visiting for everyone who loves design, color, art, and yes; jewelry. Yet, I am also kind of crazy attracted by the down to earth approach of people in this industry. I like how ‘’normal’’ and hard-working everyone is. And I like the idea that from this attitude magical creations, jaw-dropping jewelry, stunning gemstones and an explosion of creativity is born.

Like if Valenza contains some magical fertile ground. And Carlo Palmiero, when he arrived in the 60’s, certainly felt that too and blossomed fully in this little town on the Po river.

Palmiero Jewelry rings

Nudus Ring Collection of colored gemstones, diamonds, and pearls

Gems of Valenza

Although the crisis has deeply affected Valenza, there are still all these gems to be found, literally and figuratively. One of these gems is Palmiero. One of my personal favorite Italian companies and a true master with a very own distinctive style. I would like to think I can always identify a piece of jewelry made by Palmiero! 


Homage to Mondrian: Watch in white and black diamonds, sapphires on 18kt white gold. Homage to Van Gogh: Watch in white and colored diamonds, sapphires on 18 kt white gold. Homage to Van Gogh: Watch in white and colored diamonds, sapphires on 18 kt rose gold. Homage to Picasso: Watch in white, brown and cognac diamonds on 18kt white gold

Palmiero’s inspirations

Palmiero has learned his craft by observing and playing and practicing for a long time. And he says that he doesn’t believe in a muse. Inspiration can be drawn from many things, often found in the natural world. But he says also that – and I strongly agree and find this the best approach in so many creative things- he keeps looking at the world with eyes of a child.

Why you should love Palmiero

For his fluid, organic flow in design. For his chromatic colored jewelry. For not ever choosing the easiest path in jewelry and his daring, yet easy-to-love designs. He combines fantasy with a deep technical insight. The rules of creating true high-end jewelry are always fully embraced. The jewelry feels solid and very comfortable to wear. Nothing feels hard, nothing feels like it’s too broad or too heavy to be comfortable, no stone irritates even slightly the skin.



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