Well hey there! I can’t believe it has been four weeks since I last posted to my little space on the internet.  To be honest, it feels like only last week I was typing out my last blog post on light wash denim and between work trips to Brighton, decorating the house and frankly taking some time out to enjoy the sunshine I feel like a bit of a blogging failure. But back at it I will be sending weekly outfit posts your way.

If you would like some outfit inspiration from myself on a more regular basis you can follow me on Instagram @charlottebuttrick and also on my YouTube channel. Where I recently uploaded a video on 8 affordable Gucci Loafer alternatives from the high street, ranging from £35 – £75. You can watch the video here or in the embed below.

I think that the below affordable loafers are a great way to test out the flats trend and if you love it I would definitely recommend investing in a pair of Gucci loafers. I mean, they are of course a very expensive shoe, my most expensive pair in fact, but they are hands down the comfiest shoes I own and when I have a few more pennies in the bank I will definitely be investing in another pair!

The Topshop bardot top everyone wants to buy

Gucci Princetown loafers

Topshop straight leg denim jeans street style

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